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  • Stacks and Stacks

    Hi readers!

    If you follow us on instagram, you will already know that stacking rings has been in fashion for a while but  it definitely isn't going anywhere!

    The best thing about stacking rings is looking super lux with minimal effort but to get it right, here are our styling tips !

    Firstly, choose a theme be it rose gold, silver, diamonds or coloured stones. There should be something connecting the rings together.

    Secondly, choose one focus ring in the stacks .  There needs to be one leader with the rest of the rings falling in line. Think of it like a queen bee situation - there's only one queen bee but the workers bees make her!

    Thirdly, try to play around with the size of the stack - we try to go for 3 as a minimum but we don't suggest going over 5 or 6.

    Finally, experiment! The above are just suggestions and we know you fashionistas can show us up. Remember to tag us into your TJH jewellery pictures because we want to see how you wow us!

    These are some of our favourite rings from TJH to stack  ( as well as a few options for those stack challenged )


    two-finger-rose-gold love-lasso-ring curved-and-flaored-ring double-chained-ring elise-ringheart-ring peace-ringdouble-ring



  • This month's birthstone- Sapphire!

    Hi readers!

    We thought it would be fun to talk about this month's gemstone - Sapphire.

    If you're lucky enough to born in September, then you get this gorgeous blue gemstone that stands for honesty, trust, wisdom and calmness.  Sapphires are found in many areas of the world but the most sought after ones are from Myanmar, Kashmir and Sri Lanka.   A lot of people don't  know that you can get sapphires in pink, yellow and even orange as well as every shade of blue. They are hard wearing and look gorgeous when they catch the light.

    The Jewellery Hub has you September babies covered with a ring inspired by the Cotswolds ( and handmade in London).  The gorgeous  sapphire is 0.10 ct and is hallmarked Augustine Jewels - the perfect gift!



    See something you like? Drop us an email at with any queries!


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