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A leading designer who's looking for the next big opportunity to promote your jewellery to the top 3% of the world's most discerning luxury clients.

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your new best friend

Here's Why

We're like a record label for jewellery designers

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Partnering with prominent designer jewellers to help them increase their prestige, brand loyalty and ultimately, profitability. We work with the best talent in jewellery design, and help them to reach their maximum potential, with specialist advice, nurturing and yes, hard cash when it's needed.

Here's How

3 ways we're helping designers to shine:

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1. Crowdfunding – building the buzz

We provide funding for designers to finance their next collection or dream concepts through crowd-sourcing and pre-buying. We tell your story, and showcase your designs both in reality and at concept stage, to generate interest. Through direct contact and social media we encourage aficionados of fine jewellery to invest early, and build loyalty to their favourite designers. Investors have the option of buying early at a reduced price, and we hold exclusive members club showcase events for discerning customers – it's all about creating a buzz and building excitement around the launch of your new collection.

2. Online marketplace for discerning customers

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We market the best designers online to help them reach their audience. The Jewellery Hub website is becoming the premier destination for lovers of fine, original jewellery, and the artists who create it. The best jewellery doesn't rely on a large audience, it thrives on a discerning one, and the customers who visit our site know that it's the best place on the web to find the most exciting new designs and innovative visions...

3. Marketing and business building

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We invest in communications and marketing to bring designers the exposure they need and many more services than a standard marketplace can offer, such as PR, partnerships, branding, customer service, payments, and a back office operations network.

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We're nurturing the best talent, funding inspiration and providing a marketplace for the best in jewellery design . It's nothing less than a revolution in the way beautiful jewellery is created, marketed and sold. Now it's your time to shine.

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